Immersing in the Sea

For this week’s lesson, my notes are brief. I was mostly listening to Shaykh Yahya speak, and I had to depart about an hour in the class, at 5:30. So as always, for the complete reminder of what Shaykh Yahya taught us, please refer to the recorded session.  Till next week.

Q and A

  • When you incline towards something, have to be wary. If  the nafs desires to do something, have to be hesitant. Greatest criteria of whether we should do something is the sacred law.
  •  Also have istikhara to guide you in this matter
  • Start by praying five daily prayers on time.
  • Doing salawat and istighfar are two of the greatest things that a person can do.
  •  Salawat – is said that salawat is shaykh for person for person who doesn’t have a shaykh
  • Q: What is an advised translation of the Qur’an? A: If had to suggest one…

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